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Did you know about Georgia’s free dental clinics?


dental-bridgeThe need for free and charitable dental clinics is not going to disappear as a result of Obama health care reform.   Most likely because the implementation of Obamacare will fail.  But that’s an opinion and one better argued in another discussion.  If you accept the premise, then there is some information that you or someone you know may find valuable I would like to pass along.

According to the Georgia Free Clinic Network there are 104 free/charity clinics serving Georgia patients.  The network offers health care to the uninsured at no costs to the taxpayers of this State.  GFCN provides a safety net that fills the gaps in our taxpayer-funded system of health care, including oral health care.

One of the deeply discounted clinics is in Augusta at Georgia Regents University dental clinic operated by the faculty and students.  This facility reaches out to our communities with an unwavering commitment to our local population’s underserved needs.  The program focuses providing restorative dentistry in all of Georgia’s underserved populations through deeply discounted services.

So there really is no reason why you shouldn’t see a dentist if you are uninsured, under insured or unemployed.   Please take the time to lead someone in need in the right direction.  And as always if we can be of help please feel free to contact our office for oral health needs.  If you would like to schedule a visit or consultation please contact:

or call

(602) – 88 TEETH

They look forward to hearing from you.


1420 John Wesley Gilbert Drive

Augusta, GA 30912


Author: Drs. Novy and ZoAnna Scheinfeld and Hanna Orland

Our team provides your family with contemporary, rewarding, and comfortable dental care. In our Sandy Springs office, patients come first. Everything we do, from the office design, to our clinical and management training, to the friendly atmosphere we foster in the practice, is for your pleasure and satisfaction. Dr. Scheinfeld, a graduate of Emory University School of Dentistry and her associates understand the importance of balancing health and beauty for an amazing smile. Our comprehensive studies in cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and general dentistry, supported with state-of-the-art technology, deliver the strong, healthy, beautiful smile you deserve—the smile you'll feel comfortable sharing with your world.

17 thoughts on “Did you know about Georgia’s free dental clinics?

  1. i am looking for help with dentistry and health care issues possibly through a charitable orgqanization. my adult children and i are all living well below poverty level and cannot afford the help we need we live in dawsonville ga I s therre any help for us antwhere around this area? thank you Susan Brown

    • Dear Ms. Brown,
      The article I posted on free clinics and dental care around Georgia included telephone numbers. Please try and call some of these agencies and clinics and see if they can meet your needs in these difficult times.
      Novy Scheinfeld, DDS

  2. i don’t have a phone right now is there any way fome of these clinics can email me

  3. Hi, my brother is currently unemployed and his wisdom teeth are coming in and causing him a lot of pain. Is there a specific location you can refer me to that might be able to help him get a cheap procedure done? If you can that would be great. Thank you.


    • Jessica,
      Thank you for reaching out. My goal in making some of our less fortunate citizens is provide your brother with some of the available options. Please try and call some of the organizations provided or possibly Georgia Health Sciences University in Augusta.. take care and be diligent.

  4. The dentistry at Georgia Regents University in Augusta is an excellent alternative to the unfortunate uninsured or under insured.

  5. I am looking for dental care. We dont have dental insurance. Spouse makes too much to qualify for free dental but due to my numerous health issues, medicine, and that cost..i cannot afford to see a dentist. I have severe gum disease and not sure if a student can help with that. We are in Cumming ga area. Do you have an idea of what i can do. Also since i have health issues…i dont want just anyone to work on my teeth.

    • Also..I am a Senior citizen…59 yrs old.

      • Community Health Center (CHC) – Austell Dental Clinic – Austell
        Austell, GA – 30168
        The Community Health Center (CHC) is a non-profit health center located just outside of downtown Austell, GA. We are committed to helping families in the North-West Metro Atlanta area remain healthy and whole by providing access to quality, low cost medical and dental services. Dental hours: Wedn

    • Cobb County Board of Health Dental Clinic – Marietta
      Marietta, GA – 30008
      Cobb and Douglas Health Department Dental Services. Provides dental services for adults and children. Services include: cleanings, fillings, exams, sealants, x-rays. Please call to make an appointment or find out more about the dental services.

  6. I live in waynesboro. Ga. I im very low income i have 12 very bad teeth that need pulled and i need dentures i am in constant pain from this. Please tell me who and wherr to go for help

    • According to the Georgia Free Clinic Network located in Atlanta (678-553-4939) there are 104 free/charity clinics serving Georgia patients. Please give them a call and see if they can assist you in your particular situation.
      Much Luck,
      Novy Scheinfeld, DDS

  7. I just completed chemo and I and in desperate need of repairs do you know of anyone who would consider taking me on as a patient’

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