Dentist Sandy Springs: Dental Advice for Moms-To-Be

Expecting a baby is a very exciting time, and you’re already on the right path if you’re staying on top of your dental health. Sandy Springs, Chamblee Dentist near meWith the proper dental care measures, you’ll increase your chances of having a smoother pregnancy, full-term delivery and healthy baby.

If you’re planning to get pregnant, consider having your teeth cleaned and any restorative dental treatment done first. If you are already pregnant, be sure to tell your dentist before getting any work done. You should also have a dental checkup at least once during the pregnancy. Although dental cleanings aren’t harmful, it’s recommended that expecting mothers get them done during the second trimester to reduce the risk of complications.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), it’s best to postpone dental work during the first and third trimesters as well, as these are critical periods for the baby’s development. Our dentist will let you know what dental treatments can be performed during the second trimester, but more complicated procedures will probably be postponed, if possible. Unnecessary treatments, such as cosmetic dental work, should be avoided altogether.

If you do have an unexpected dental problem or emergency, make an appointment with our dentist as soon as you can. Our dentist will look for signs of infection and determine the need for treatment. Dental X-rays are usually avoided during pregnancy, but if photos are necessary, your dentist will take extra precautions to protect your baby.

Just as dental health is connected to your overall health, dental care is important to the health of your unborn baby. It’s extremely important to take care of your teeth during pregnancy, as some dental problems can increase the risk of complications.

The best advice is to make sure your dentist is part of your baby’s pre-natal care team from the beginning.  If we can answer any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

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