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How much does having a tooth pulled cost?


Dentist Woodstock:

The cost of a simple tooth extraction can range anywhere from $95 and $250 depending on whether the procedure is being performed by a general dentist or a specialist.  If the tooth is broken at the gum line, it will be considered a ‘surgical extraction’ and usually costs $150 to $300.  Extracting a wisdom tooth can cost anywhere between $150 and $350, but if it’s a partially or completely impacted wisdom tooth then the cost could climb as high as $650.

The cost of the tooth extraction can be higher; for example, if the tooth disintegrates, it can take the dentist a while to get all of it out and the dentist may charge you extra if that happens.   The bottom line is ‘the harder the tooth is to get out, the more it costs’, hence the range.

For a soft tissue surgical extraction of a partially impacted tooth, an incision usually has to be made into the gums and once again the cost will increase to about $200 -$350; and for a partial bony extraction (the tooth has some bone covering it) expect to pay anywhere from $300 -$600.

These fees often include a follow-up office visit to check healing or to remove sutures.  What should also be included is the understanding that a tooth is firmly encased in a bony socket and attached by a ligament.  The socket needs to be gently widened to allow the tooth to be removed; patients will feel pressure but not pain during this procedure. Sometimes a tooth is so firmly anchored that is has to be removed in sections.

Additional related fees, particularly with an oral surgeon may include an initial surgical consultation ($50 – $135), x-rays ($13 – $135) and sedation ($200 – $400 or more) if required.  Many dental insurance plans cover 70 percent to 80 percent of tooth extraction costs if the procedure is considered to be medically necessary and not done just for cosmetic reasons.

Typically, dental insurance permits only about $1,000 per year coverage, so if there are other teeth needing to be extracted then the cost can escalate above the annual limit.  Because of the limited coverage that dental insurance provides, most people have come to realize that they don’t have much protection from the high cost of dental care with dental insurance alone.

With over 90 years of experience in our Sandy Springs office our goal is to help you understand a procedure which may vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the tooth being pulled.  We feel that finances never should be an obstacle to treatment. For your convenience, we offer several payment options and payment plans to suit your individual needs.  If you have additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our office or email us.

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Author: Drs. Novy and ZoAnna Scheinfeld and Hanna Orland

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5 thoughts on “How much does having a tooth pulled cost?

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  2. My tooth is badly destroyed and my dentist have suggested me for Tooth extraction
    . I just want to know the charges of Extraction so that I don’t get cheated?

  3. Dental extraction cost varies from dentist to dentist.. Ideally its ranges from $100 to $400.. For complete listing of dental treatment follow link..

  4. From my personal experience, wisdom tooth removal is the most expensive. I had two wisdom teeth on my lower set which was lying horizontally under the gums and had no scope of moving upwards. Finally I went to an expert dentist and got it removed. And I had to pay a huge amount of money for this surgery. But now I feel much much better. The cost can also depend on the complexity involved.

  5. What a informative post it is. Thanks for giving us about the full view of the costs of different types of dental surgeries and treatments. The article really helps the people who are totally unaware of dental treatments’ costs. Thanks for sharing your views and keep posting this type of explanatory posts.

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