Dentist Sandy Springs: How Much Do Dentures Cost?

The cost can vary depending on where you live and your needs.  A Prosthodontists’ prices are typically between $900 to $3,500 per upper or lower arch.  While a general dentist fees are usually $300 to $1,200 per arch a good percentage of the time you get what you pay for.  A prosthodontist is specially trained to provide you with both a functional and esthetically pleasing denture.  This can be a painstaking job depending on the condition of your mouth’s bone structure.  So it’s not a matter of sticking a pair of slicks in your mouth and sending you off to eat corn on the cob.  The proper fitting of a denture usually requires follow-up visits to determine the actual results after use in the mouth.  When properly fitted, dentures can provide a great smile with a very natural appearance.

In addition, with the advent of implants, many dentures can be implant supported such that your biting power is considerably increased. With implants supporting them, dentures may correct several problems, from speech to chewing, for many patients.  In addition to retarding bone loss, mouth irritation or sores may be avoided with implant supported dentures.  So when there are irritations they are usually caused by poor dental hygiene, and not removing your dentures when needed. It is common that your mouth changes over the life of your dentures, so even though they last long, as the bone structure changes they may need to be replaced to achieve a better fit before they are worn out.

The exact charge for dentures really depends on the type you need and type of dentist you choose to complete the procedure.  This is a procedure for which you should definitely research your dental insurance coverage and reputation of the dentist providing you with the care you need.   A portion of the cost is often covered.

Also, the use of denture creams is the sign of an improperly fitting denture.  If I have not answered your preliminary questions concerning dentures, do not hesitate to contact our office for a free consult.

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