Dentist Marietta: The future of Dental Implants is now.

Dental implants are stronger and more durable than their restorative counterparts: bridges, partials and dentures.  And from an esthetic standpoint, dental implants look and feel more natural, a result due to the progress made in their biocompatible development.  Implants offer the patient a permanent solution to tooth and continued bone loss. Additionally, implants may be used in conjunction with other restorative procedures for maximum effectiveness in that a single implant may serve to support a dental crown replacing a single missing tooth. Implants can also be used to support a dental bridge for the replacement of multiple missing teeth, and can be used with complete dentures, both standard and mini implants to increase stability and preserve bone structure.

Procedural advancements mean that a larger population than ever before are finding themselves candidates for dental implants.  While application and candidacy for implantation varies on a case by case basis, meaning that your dentist needs to determine the viability of implants as it applies to your actual bone structure.   Keep in mind, while a general dentist may perform the crown and bridge placement that is associated with implant restorations, prosthodontists, the ADA sanctioned specialists who have received post-doctorate training, are most often your best bet for the successful completion of this type of technique sensitive procedure.

If we can ever be of help please don’t hesitate to call or comment so we can answer your questions.  With over 20 years of experience, we provide both in-house implant placement and prosthodontic expertise in their restoration.

Novy Scheinfeld, DDS, PC

290 Carpenter Drive, 200A

Atlanta (Sandy Springs), GA 30328


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