The Healing Dentist

I think that all doctors should let patients know what is the best way to prevent disease and become a “loyal” patient. For example, cardiologists should advize especially healthy people what they should do to not need seeing a cardiologist such as exercise, control diabetes, maintain a healthy weight, and get preventive checkups.

Here’s what I would recommend:
1. Do see your dentist for regular checkups.
2. Brush and floss. That plaque buildup leads to decay, gingivitis, tartar buildup.
3. Eat a healthy diet. No matter how well you do all of the above or use fluoride, if your nutrition is high in processed foods and acidic drinks, your teeth will decay.

Other important issues: control your diabetes, stop smoking, watch alcohol consumption. Work to control gum disease, if any. If you are a parent, get your oral health in check as cavities can be spread from parents to children…

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