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Body Tip To avoid cavities, avoid all-day snacking. Nonstop food exposure raises your mouth’s levels of enamel-destroying acids.

What’s bad for your waistline and your teeth? Grazing. It may be good for cows, but it’s not the best habit for us humans. Mindless snacking on sweets and empty calories throughout the day piles on excess calories and can make your mouth want to don a hazmat suit. According to Dr. Hadie Rifai, DDS, a dentist at the Cleveland Clinic, nonstop nibbling keeps your mouth in an acidic state that wears down tooth enamel and makes your teeth more prone to decay. To keep your chompers clean and sparkling, eat meals and snacks in a single sitting, every four to five hours, and brush your teeth afterward (this may decrease mindless eating too!). Sipping water throughout the day will also help lower the levels of damaging mouth…

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Author: Drs. Novy and ZoAnna Scheinfeld and Hanna Orland

Our team provides your family with contemporary, rewarding, and comfortable dental care. In our Sandy Springs office, patients come first. Everything we do, from the office design, to our clinical and management training, to the friendly atmosphere we foster in the practice, is for your pleasure and satisfaction. Dr. Scheinfeld, a graduate of Emory University School of Dentistry and her associates understand the importance of balancing health and beauty for an amazing smile. Our comprehensive studies in cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and general dentistry, supported with state-of-the-art technology, deliver the strong, healthy, beautiful smile you deserve—the smile you'll feel comfortable sharing with your world.

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