The Right Smile Center : the Advantages of a Multispecialty Practice

Unique Dental PracticeOur healthcare delivery model is a Better Way to Coordinate Care.  In a group practice setting, our dentists have an opportunity to share ideas and develop professionally.

Our multispecialty group is composed of dentists from a wide range of specialties who practice under the umbrella of the same organization, Right Smile Center.  Through collaboration among these specialists, patients receive comprehensive dental treatment that is efficient and thorough. Systems and services are designed by the Right Smile Center to assist our providers in the delivery of high-quality, coordinated, patient-centered care.  Our providers believe they can improve your patient care by having multiple dental professionals with whom to consult on and refer to for alternative patient care under one roof.

When entering into private practice, our providers chose the option to work with other dentists instead of working alone. In our case, dentists of different specialties work together so that patients can receive care that requires multiple solutions at a single location. While most group practices have dentists with a single area of specialization, we have in-house prosthodontics, endo, perio and implant placement and restoration. A practice with a diverse array of specialists is designed to attract more patients seeking a one-stop place for their oral health concerns.

Improved diagnostics, new therapies, more sophisticated equipment – as dentistry progresses, is impossible for a single dentist to know everything the discipline of modern dentistry has to offer.  A multispecialty group fosters an environment of collaboration among many dentists – each an expert in a particular aspect of dentistry – to provide the greatest benefit to patients.  We of course have experience to provide a cross-over of patient care that allows us to cover for each other’s patients when one is out of the office or out of town.  Group practices can assemble a team of dentists and other experts to meet the unique oral healthcare needs of all our patients.  We believe better patient care is a direct result of our multispecialty practice.

Another aspect of a multispecialty practice is the use and sharing of highly expensive equipment to perform diagnostic screenings and deliver patient treatment. By working in a group practice, we can share the cost of deploying equipment that may have been too costly for a single provider. Group practices distribute both the administrative costs and the risks associated with owning and running a solo practice.

An overview of the direct and indirect advantages to you as a patient.

  • Multispecialty group practices promote an environment that encourages and enhances communication, collaboration and peer review, leading to high-quality care. This is especially beneficial to patients with multiple or complex oral problems.
  • A multispecialty group practice can offer “one-stop shopping” and save patients time by scheduling appointments with several doctors on the same day at one location, coordinating testing, obtaining on-the-spot referrals and consultations and reduce the needless time involved in rescheduling when one of us unavailable.
  • Multispecialty group practices provide a setting in which physicians can specialize in a particular area and become experts. This means there are experts on hand to diagnose and treat unusual oral problems.
  • Many multispecialty practices have dentists in rare specialties such as prosthodontics or implant and perio surgery that you can’t find in smaller, solo practices.

So when you’re here for regularly scheduled routine maintenance, take advantage of having fresh set of eyes examine you when one of us is out of town or indisposed.  We practice together because we have confidence in each other.  We hope you will too.  And when we can’t meet those needs, we’ll refer you out.

If we can answer any of your questions or concerns about the Right Smile Center, please feel free to contact us.

Novy Scheinfeld, DDS, PC -ZoAnna Scheinfeld, MS, DMD – Hanna Orland, DMD – Sidney Tourial, DDS, PC


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