Tips for Healthy Teeth

Keeping our teeth in tip-top shape is something we all should strive for, since our teeth are needed our entire lives. Not only do we want them to look nice, we need to be able to eat comfortably and to avoid risks of other related health problems such as infections and heart disease. Luckily, there are many simple ways to maintain a healthy mouth:

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My gums bleed when I floss – hence I don’t floss at all

Dental Insights

So you are not flossing as your gums bleed afterwards. The good news -it’s not the floss that is the problem. The bad news – your gums need attention right away.

The common myth that flossing makes the gum to bleed is not true. Bleeding gums are a sign of gingivitis, the inflammation of gums which is a result of plaque accumulation underneath the gums. These plaque provide wonderful niche for bacteria to grow and multiply, thus aggravating the problem. This is why gums get inflamed and bleed on flossing. In order to remove this plaque, mechanical intervention in the form of tooth brushing is required. However, the plaque that is below the gum line (also called as sub-gingival plaque) is difficult to reach if proper tooth-brush technique is not followed. This is where, “Flossing”  comes into play. Flossing disrupts the sub-gingival plaque and diminish the amount of bacteria subsequently decreasing…

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