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Acid enamel erosion!

The consumption of soda can cause similar damage tantamount to the illegal use of drugs such as methamphetamines or crack cocaine.  Whoa, hard to believe!  But tooth erosion can occur from the acid found in soda.  According to the study conducted by the peer-reviewed clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry, researchers found the same type and severity of damage from tooth erosion in each of the participants.

Understand that in order to have the same effect, a significant amount of soda has to be consumed.  Nonetheless, the effects are similar.  And our recommendation to patients is minimize the intake of soda and consume more water.  If you can’t stop drinking soda, don’t brush immediately afterwards because you could damage your teeth enamel.  Rather chew xylitol based sugarless gums or rinse with water to remove the acid agents left behind by soda.

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