Choosing a Dentist or getting an Oil Change : Sandy Springs

oil-changeWhile I understand the concern, it seems odd that a patient would want to choose their dentist based solely on price.  After all, the quality of the dental treatment to be performed should be of equal, if not greater importance.

A few telephone surveys to the dentists in the area you desire should give you a general idea of the range of fees.[1]  You should know that many dental offices will be put off by such inquires for a couple of reasons. The first is that while there are many cookie cutter aspects to what dentists charge in your routine maintenance, each patient presents a unique set of circumstances and delivery challenges. As such most dentists want to meet you and develop the continuing relationship in helping patients overcome their current dental problems and move forward with periodic check-ups to maintain your oral health.  A phone call from a person “checking out the best prices in town” doesn’t typically fit that ideal of doctor patient relationship.  It’s really not like buying tires or getting an oil change.

Secondary to this is the dental office personnel realize that phone inquiries often result in “apples and oranges” comparisons.  Without an examination by the dentist it is impossible for the dental office to know exactly what work is needed, and thus it is impossible for them to give you an accurate idea of the fee.  The uniqueness creates a possible variation in the treatment and the fees associated with the treatment.   Even using the same dental terminology when calling various dental offices can result in different interpretations of the work being asked about.

Most dentists would consider a consultation appointment to be an excellent way for a potential patient to determine the cost of the specific dental treatment they need and for the patient an excellent way to meet and experience the office environment in which the treatment will be performed. Many dentists will likely no-charge an examination fee for this visit. And if there is a charge the receptionist making your consultation appointment should be able to quote this fee precisely.

Finally, ask your friends and coworkers who their dentist is.   Reputations travel, and your friends will know who has treated them well and will most likely have an insight into the fees charged by their dentist compared with other dentists in your area.

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[1]   And what’s interesting about this process is that in no way could you do this with a physician and their services.  They don’t have a clue what they charge for their services.

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