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RSC Daily News for a change of mind set.


Sandy Springs Dentist: Don’t ignore the signs of unhealthy gums

mature womanThe periodontist specializes in the health of your gums.  While it may not appear important, healthy gums play a very important role in the lives of healthy teeth.  Without healthy gums you can have major issues with your teeth, ergo the periodontist.

One of the things that a periodontist treats is soreness of the gums.  There are some whose soreness is so painful that it prevents eating. This can cause major health issues, because you aren’t getting the nutrients your metabolism needs by missing meals.  Also quite common at one point in time is bleeding while brushing your teeth.  This could be the result of gingivitis, brushing too hard or other underlying issues.

Periodontists are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of your potential periodontal disease.  Their training looks past what is seen on the surface to the issues that are potentially dangerous.  In other words, they can look past the fact that your gums are bleeding or sore and use their expertise and instruments to find the problem.  Without the proper diagnosis or treatment, periodontal disease usually results in the loss of teeth.

Don’t ignore the signs of unhealthy gums. Our in-house periodontist can help treat or prevent any problems you may have.  We invite you to visit for a proven reliable oral healthcare provider.

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