Mouth Guard? Football, Soccer, Basketball are here. Dentist Sandy Springs.

MouthguardRemember when you had to impress your child’s teeth in a mouth guard to play football.  Well there have been significant improvements over the past few decades and a lot of proven research that shows when worn properly, mouth guards can significantly reduce mouth injuries.  The Academy of Sports Dentistry[1] and the ADA recommend mouth guards are worn for all contact sports and even some considered-non contact.[2]  When used properly, they stabilize the dentition and alveolar bone while absorbing the shock during impact.

There are 3 types of mouth guards: Stock, Boil & Bite, and Custom.   Custom mouth guards are the best performing to protect against mobilizing the teeth, absorbing the concussion impacts and stabilizing the jaw.  They are made to precise models of your teeth for a nominal $200 to 300 fee considering what they are protecting.  Your child’s smile should be worth protecting.   Replacing a tooth from receiving that hockey puck can cost $2500 to $5000.  Considering the small investment, we encourage you to invest in the best mouth guard you can afford.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.  If we can be of assistance, please give us a call for a free assessment.

Novy Scheinfeld, DDS, PC

290 Carpenter Drive, 200A

Atlanta (Sandy Springs), GA 30328


[2] JADA volume 135, July 2004.


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