Dentist Sandy Springs: Teeth Get the Glory

sunglassesA beautiful smile is not just about healthy looking teeth.  Your gums are equally as important.  One out of every two American adults aged 30 and over has periodontal disease, according to recent findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A study titled Prevalence of Periodontitis in Adults in the United States: 2009 and 2010 estimates that 47.2 percent, or 64.7 million American adults, have mild, moderate or severe periodontitis, the more advanced form of periodontal disease. In adults 65 and older, prevalence rates increase to 70.1 percent. This study is published in the Journal of Dental Research, the official publication of the International and American Associations for Dental Research.

A beautiful smile usually consists of teeth and gums living in perfect harmony with each other.  But the teeth often steal the credit when it comes to beautiful smiles.  Our periodontal practice has always been on the leading edge of patient care.   With our in-house periodontist, we can specialize in treating gum disease and periodontal plastic surgery.  We have always incorporated the newest technology and technique to his patient care, but with our periodontal services, we can to help patients achieve the best dental health possible in the most comfortable, relaxing environment possible – here in our own office.

With that in mind there are many new procedures we can perform in our office, including gum reshaping, grafting, perio-supervised root planing and scaling, more comprehensive pocket depth monitoring and reducing the improper brushing techniques they may have gone unsupervised when we sent a patient out to a referring specialist.

If we can be of service please contact us for your complimentary consultation.

Novy Scheinfeld, DDS, PC

290 Carpenter Drive, 200A

Atlanta (Sandy Springs), GA 30328



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