Dentist Sandy Springs: Home Dental Drills $9.99 + shipping and handling

http://dentidrill.Do it yourselfcom/

I am not sure what to say about this.  Do I write something sarcastic about the 7 years of doctorate and post-doctorate work that I didn’t need to go through.  Or do I welcome the competition because I know how much business this will generate in blown out teeth from user error.

According to the facebook page demonstrations and the advertisement, it comes with free lidocane, 2 composite fillings and a DVD video to guide you throught the first 4 years of dental school.  And it only takes 3 easy steps.  I am feeling a little inadequate, given that it takes me more than 3 steps.  What’s wrong with me?

Now you can take control of your own dentistry!!!  Notwithstanding all the damage you could impose on your kid or spouse, how do you diagnose decay?  Do you buy a home x-ray machine?  And let’s not ignore the stamp of approval by the GDA.  No that’s not the Georgia Dental Association.  It’s the Global Dental Association, I think, which is in Illinois, I think.

Well folks, I am closing shop, now that you don’t need us anymore.  But just in case, we are hanging around for a little longer to answer your technical questions.

Novy Scheinfeld, DDS, PC

290 Carpenter Drive, 200A

Atlanta, GA 30328



Man arrested for practicing dentistry without a license.

Wife ends up losing tooth do to in home dentistry.

Lawn chair collapsing during dental procedure.

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