Transgenerational Post Traumatic Dental Syndrome : Dentist Alpharetta

Top dentist near meAs the summer ends, it’s important to make sure kids are ready to return to school with a clean bill of health, including their routine dental cleaning and examination. Once school begins, the classes, work, dorm-life, commuting and other school distractions make it hard to stay on track with their needed dental exams and cleanings.

A growing trend is the tendency to put off dental care needs or ignore them completely. Reasoning ranges from scheduling conflicts to the perception that oral health is an unnecessary expense. The truth of the matter is that most of the procrastination comes from fear of the dental chair and fear of the dental bill.  Unpleasant memories perpetuated their parent’s perspective about going to the dentist as young children seem to be universally common.  Years of socialization appear to be passed on from one generation to next only to be reinforced by ads and programs mimicking old adages such as ‘it’s like have a tooth pulled or as bad afs a root canal’.  This has been compounded by the recession coupled with the rising cost and lack of healthcare.

The assumption is that the patient is saving money by extending the time between regular visits or by not going at all.  Not only is this assumption is wrong, but it costs patients their health as well as more money.  Patients who see their dentist on a regular basis save money in adjunctive health treatment.  New research by United Concordia shows that patients who visit their dentist on a regular basis not only improve their overall global health but by extension save in reduced medical costs as well.

According to a survey by the American Association of Endodontists, 70% of respondents say they want to avoid getting a root canal, and 60% were more anxious about root canal treatment than getting a tooth pulled (57%), or receiving a dental implant (54%).  But while perceptions remain the same procedures don’t.   With today’s advanced technologies, root canals are no more painful than getting a filling–root canal treatment is actually one of the best ways to save your natural tooth.  While we do partner with endodontists, our in-house endodontics by Dr. Hanna Orland appears to help patients feel less anxious while delivering immediate and familiar quality of care.

Dentists not only improve your smile and maintain your oral health, they improve your overall lives.  So if you’re thinking about putting off that dental appointment because it can wait, think again.

If we can be of assistance or can answer any of your questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

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