Dentist Alpharetta: Dental Frequency

Dental Insurance issuesNo, I am not talking about radio waves. This little phrase refers to how often a given dental treatment is covered.  The “frequency limitation” on a certain dental treatment covered by your insurance policy is one extremely important provision.  This element of your policy confounds both the patient and the dentist.  The insurer states clearly the frequency limitations in the policy outline offered you, so even if that dental surface develops a very bad cavity and develops over several surfaces of one tooth, the insurance may not offer any coverage.

This is why it is important that you have a very good communication with your dentist’s front office, particularly the person in charge of filing insurance claims.  After getting a dental surface filled, your dentist should show you good dental health practices on how to take care of that filling, and how to avoid developing another cavity on that surface.  Because more often than not, the insurance will not cover it within 2 years of treatment.

The same goes for crowns.  Once you have had the crown seated and something happens down the road or the patient develops a dental cavity under the crown, the insurer will usually not cover it again.  One of the more frequent problems with dental crowns is when they are not properly seated, the patient develops a cavity at the margin of the crown.  Once again, the insurer will not cover the restoration.

But denied dental claims should not be a reason to panic. As long as you have good communication with you dentist, and she is a truly good professional you should not have problems.  So it’s extremely important to receive dental work from a highly skilled dental practice that can create long lasting solid dental crowns and can address any potential dental issues correctly before the crown is placed.

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