Dunwoody: Dental Spas?

Dunwoody Dentist near meIs a dental spa more about building confidence or changing lives?

While you get your dental work done, do you want a facial?

Ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and Chinese all used certain methods to relax a person suffering from ailments such as a toothache. The “barber surgeon” in the 18th and 19th century allowed barbers to perform some dental procedures as well as shaves and haircuts.[1] The term “spa dentistry” (presently synonymous to dental spa) was actually used in the 18th century to describe dental practitioners in Bath England.[2]  Dr. Curris, a female dentist in 18th Century Bath England likely created the first dental spa offering patients dentistry with skin and bodycare.

The terms, “dental spa” and “spa dentistry,” began to be more publicly used in the late 1990s.[3] In 1998, Lorin Berland DDS, reserved the name DallasDentalSpa.com.[4] An estimated nine to fifteen percent of the American population—about 30 million to 40 million people—avoid essential dental care because of fear or anxiety.[5] [6] Although there are many variations, adapters of the dental spa concept generally offer cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry with a key focus on making the visit a pampering and pleasant experience.  But does it really work?

In our practice we are committed to the goal of making your next dental health experience a stress-free, restful, and yes, even enjoyable.  Our profession dictates we offer you quality oral health care with unprecedented patient service, but do we need to offer you a warm towel or should we give away free laughing gas?

We’re a multi-specialty practice which means we can treat a lot of your oral health issues and cosmetic dentistry under one roof.  But we are not all things to all people.  We understand there are those in the profession that seek to distract you from what’s really important.  We recognize you’re our number one priority, and we do this by focusing on delivering you the highest quality oral health care we can.  Whether you’re in for routine maintenance or full mouth reconstruction, we are dedicated to providing unprecedented oral health care.  We change lives with the right smile, one that’s beautiful as well as functional.  We bring a tremendous amount of old school experience using proven techniques and technology.

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