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Oral Bacteria and Global Health

Hygiene examTwo new studies, published in the Journal of Periodontology have explored the potential link between periodontal bacteria and pre-eclampsia, as well as coronary artery disease. As small as it is and as far from your hearth as possible, this oral bacteria may have a huge impact on coronary artery disease and pre-eclampsia.  More research is needed to fully understand how periodontal bacteria travels from the mouth to other parts of the body as well as the exact role it has in the development of these systemic diseases, but in the meantime it’s important to maintain your oral health until more is known.  Physicians, dentists and patients alike need to monitor the research in this area as it continues to grow so they can better work together to achieve the highest levels of overall health.

These studies found that periodontal bacteria, often invisible to the unaided eye, may account for big effects on general health conditions. This bacterium has often been thought to play a role in many of the potential connections between overall health and oral health.  According to the article, one study identified periodontal pathogens in the coronary and internal mammary arteries in nine out of 15 of the patients examined. The second study looked at women who had suffered from pre-eclampsia during pregnancy and found that 50 percent of the placentas from women with pre-eclampsia were positive for one or more periodontal pathogens. This was compared to just 4.3 percent in the control group. Both of these studies support the concept that periodontal organisms might be associated with the development of other systemic conditions such as coronary artery disease and pre-eclampsia.

That’s why in our Sandy Springs office we recommend seeing us at least twice a year and additionally if necessary regardless of what your insurance covers.  It’s in your best interest.  If you need to see us for consideration of your oral health, please contact us.

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6th Page BOTOX Ad for SS Reporter VERS 2 Page3Because it’s so famous for its wrinkle reducing effects, Botox, like Kleenex or Xerox has become the verb for describing the treatment, regardless of the manufacturer used.[1]  BOTOX® Cosmetic is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of both moderate to severe crow’s feet lines and frown lines between the eyebrows in adults.  As anti-wrinkle cosmetic treatments go, Botox is the number one choice for smoother, younger-looking skin. The procedure is pain-free[2], non-permanent and so quick you could be in and out within your lunch hour, seriously. And results are visible in only a few days.

And Botox is not just for wrinkles anymore. It is much, much more.  It’s being used for both FDA approved[3] and ‘off label’ treatment with doctors experimenting with how to help patient disorders such as migraine headaches, gummy smiles (not FDA approved) and TMJ disorder (also not FDA approved).  Some of its results are astonishing, creating some 90 patient applications pending FDA approval.  Currently, it is the most common performed procedure in the world and you can have done in our office.  No one should have more experience with injections than our dentist.

It’s not as expensive as you might think.  Call today for your complimentary evaluation.

Nanci Lubell, DMD

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[1] While Botox was the first drug to utilize botulinum toxin, newer products include Dysport, Myobloc and Xeomin. Each product is a little different, particularly when it comes to dosage units, so they aren’t interchangeable.

[2] No anesthetic is needed during treatment.

[3]  The product known as BOTOX® Cosmetic was approved by the FDA in 2002 for the treatment of glabellar frown lines and in 2013 for the improvement of lateral canthal lines.