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Brush before you go to sleep

Brushing, thankfully, “disrupt[s] the bacteria so it doesn’t stay in place,” she says, because if left in place, it starts to attack your teeth. Plus, the longer that plaque sits in one place, the more likely it is to become tartar, “that hard, yellow, rough material you sometimes feel in between your teeth” that can cause inflammation and bleeding in the gums, she says. Leave that untreated for too long, and you could risk losing teeth.

So brush before you go to sleep.

Novy Scheinfeld, DDS, PC



Cosmetic Orthodontics | Dentist Sandy Springs

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Clear aligners create a beautiful, youthful smile.

Cosmetic orthodontics lets you have the perfect smile you have always wanted without putting your life on hold. Our new treatment options allow you to look great throughout treatment. Where you used to say:

  • “I’m just too old for braces. Braces are for kids.”
  • “I’ve already had braces; won’t they just move again?”
  • “Braces take too long.”
  • Orthodontic treatment is painful.”
  • “Orthodontic braces make it more difficult to keep your teeth clean. Will this cause cavities?”
  • “Isn’t it expensive?”

Nope, not any more.  Cosmetic orthodontics has addressed these concerns.  Orthodontic treatment in our Sandy Springs office can transform your smile and attitude about your dental health with little to none of the above.  Call to make an appointment with Dr. Orland and her team.

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