Corporate Dentistry and Overtreatment

Chamblee Dentist Hanna OrlandAllegations of overtreatment take many different forms, but the majority of such allegations imply an improper motive on the part of in-network dental practices.  Suggesting or providing treatment which is not necessary, often not justifiable, appears to be linked to corporate dental practices that desire to generate additional fees.  Often we have someone leave our practice due to the failure of their dental insurance, only to come back when the corporate, in-network practice is over prescribing treatment.

Over-prescribing of dental treatment can of course occur in any clinical setting, but when it takes place in ‘private’ corporate practices it often becomes difficult to separate the sometimes subjective clinical judgments as to what is and is not necessary, from the financial motives to generate target income. This introduces an uncomfortable dimension to any clinical considerations.

There is considerable anecdotal evidence to suggest that in-network practices tend to recommend or provide more treatment when seeing a new patient for the first time, than they might do if they encountered an existing patient, with exactly the same oral condition under their care for many years.  The new in-network patient appears to present many ‘golden’ opportunities for the first visit.

Unfortunately, in the oral healthcare setting post 2008 recession, this imbalance has fundamental consequences for the patient’s ability to decide for themselves whether or not to proceed with any particular treatment that has been suggested to them.  It’s like taking your car to the auto mechanic.  The patient lacks the expertise to discern whether he/she is being taken for a ride.

In our Sandy Springs and Chamblee offices we pride ourselves of defining treatment that’s in the best interest despite the pressures on the current insurance system.  And we always present alternatives that might be available.  We been around a long time and has more than a 1000 five star reviews.  Call us for treatment in your best interest.

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