Dentist Alpharetta: Marketing of Products or Procedures

There are an abundance of dental products out there.

At Scheinfelds, Orland and Tourial we take a consultative approach to ensuring each patient’s program aligns with their operating culture and unique risk exposures. This means we don’t push products.  Nor do we try and sell you anything.  Instead, we work closely with you and your needs to develop and deliver the right solution, even if that means doing no dentistry at all.

The dentists who engage in the marketing or sale of products or procedures to their patients must take care not to exploit the inherent trust in the dentist-patient relationship for their own financial gain.  We take this very seriously.  Dentists should not induce their patients to purchase products or undergo procedures by misrepresenting the product’s value, the necessity of the procedure or the dentist’s professional expertise in recommending the product or procedure.

Particularly in the case of health related products, it is not enough for the dentist to rely on the manufacturer’s or distributor’s representations about the product’s safety and efficacy.  Rather, the dentist has an independent obligation to inquire into the truth and accuracy of such claims and verify that they are founded on accepted scientific knowledge or research.  For instance, we have discussed in earlier writings that there is no scientific evidence of cause and effect as it relates to mercury fillings and your health.  So it would be improper and unethical to recommend the removal of amalgams based on a dentist’s professional expertise.

Dentists should disclose to their patients all relevant information the patient needs to make an informed purchase decision.  From the beginning, Scheinfelds, Orland and Tourial built its foundation on basic operating principles – integrity, honesty and quality health care. These are not just words to us, rather truths that can be validated by the patient relationships we have held for over 25 years. To us, it’s simple. We base decisions on what we believe to be in the best interests of our patients and our employees. We understand that each puts a great deal of trust in us, and we do not take that trust lightly.  Our culture is unlike any in the industry.

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