Dentist Sandy Springs: Creating a Positive Self-Image

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An attractive smile comes through as a youthful addition.

Most women and girls, including myself, spend far too much time and energy worrying about our physical appearances when we have so much more to offer.  And very often it’s aspects of our body that as much as we try, there’s just not much we can do about it.  To compound this, the media and Hollywood are constantly throwing fuel on the fire.

Most of these images are unrealistic and often unhealthy standards take their toll on women and their daughters.  In fact, did you know:

  • In the U.S. 80% of women are dissatisfied with their appearance,
  • Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful,
  • Only 11% of girls globally are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves,
  • 54% of women around the world agree that when it comes to how they look, they are their own worst enemy, and
  • More than 50% of women say they would consider having plastic surgery.[1]

But the one aspect of our looks we can change without unrealistic expectations is our smile  Our smile is the first impression we make whenever we meet someone.  A smile makeover can be achieved by prosthodontist in ways that couldn’t be imagined years ago.  The simple use of veneers or teeth whitening can make all the difference in the world in our appearance.  Those who have dentures and receding jaw lines can now be modified by implants. So, invest in your smile, you wear it every day.

My goal is to create a positive self-image; what we like to call ‘the right smile for your life style’.  If we can be of assistance or you have a question please do not hesitate to contact our office and make an appointment for a free consult.

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Dentist Sandy Springs: How much do Sealants cost?

The milky white resin is the sealant.

About 90% of the decay found in children’s teeth occurs in surface pits and fissures. To solve this problem, dental sealants act as a physical barrier to cavity-causing bacteria invading those pits and fissures.

A sealant is a plastic resin material applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. This material is bonded into the depressions and grooves (pits and fissures) of the chewing surfaces to protect the enamel from attack by plaque and acids.

Our practice cleans and dries the teeth to be treated, then paints a thin layer of liquid plastic material on the pits and fissures of the tooth. A blue spectrum light is shone on the material for a few seconds to cure the plastic.[1]

After curing, the plastic forms a hard, thin layer covering the treated portions of the tooth. Despite the incredible pressures placed on teeth during chewing each day, dental sealants often remain effective for five years or longer. If sealants wear or become damaged, they can be repaired or replaced simply by applying new sealant material to the worn or damaged portions.

Children should receive sealants shortly after the eruption of their first permanent molars, around age 6 and again at age 12 when their second molars appear.  While the use in children is common, sealants can be used in treating adults as well.

The average cost of a sealant ranges from $42 to $48 dollars per tooth.  During your child’s regular dental visits, we check the condition of the sealants and reapply them if necessary.

I know a lot of people still cringe when we talk about dental procedures, but the procedure is painless.

If we can be of service or you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email or for a complimentary initial consult.

Novy Scheinfeld, DDS, PC

290 Carpenter Drive, 200A

Atlanta (Sandy Springs), GA 30328



[1] Some brands of sealants cure chemically.