Dentist Sandy Springs: The Right Bite for a Great Smile

Mature woman smilingWhen a dentist talks about your “bite,” she’s referring to your occlusion.[1] Optimal occlusion occurs when opposing teeth come together in their ideal arrangement.  When your teeth are misaligned (malocclusion) a whole host of issues can result, including headaches, jaw pain, the wearing away of tooth enamel, and even cracked or loose teeth.

The Right Smile Center helps people achieve beautiful, healthy smiles, i.e., the right smile.  Optimal teeth alignment is a crucial component to the right smile.

My prosthodontic training  at Emory University School of Dentistry allows me to provide smiles that look great, feel great and function properly.  You can’t have a great smile if the teeth, gums, joints and muscles don’t function in harmony with each other.

During your exam, our team will look at how your top and bottom teeth come together when biting.  We also assess the wear patterns on your teeth.  Equilibration means restoring optimal contact between upper and lower tooth surfaces that prevents the abnormal wear and tear on your teeth, joints, and muscles.  Oftentimes, a slight adjustment made to the surface of a tooth makes a huge impact on occlusion.  And naturally, we are going to make recommendations that help your smile be a proud part of your expression.

So, if we can be of service please feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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[1] How your top and bottom teeth fit together.