Dentist Sandy Springs: Pancreatic Cancer and Gum Disease

Sandy Springs, Chamblee dentist Oral ExamThe British Dental Health Foundation believes new scientific research presented is a further indication of a possible link between pancreatic cancer and gum disease.

The latest research, presented in the journal Gut, found one of the bacterium key in the development of gum disease was associated with a two-fold increase in risk for pancreatic cancer. The study also discovered those with non-harmful oral bacteria had a 45 per cent lower risk of pancreatic cancer. [1]

Although researchers cannot confirm whether gum disease contributes towards a higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer or whether is a marker, the research is a further indication of a potential link between the two diseases.

Previous research has also drawn an association between bacteria responsible for gum disease and pancreatic cancer, although in both cases it remains unclear whether the presence of particular types of bacteria are a cause or effect of pancreatic cancer.

If you have swollen gums that bleed regularly when brushing, bad breath, loose teeth or regular mouth infections appear, it is likely you have gum disease. If any of these symptoms persist, your dentist may be able to help you.  There is no escaping the fact poor oral health has some role to play, as a number of studies are now starting to show. What we must remember is oral health is relatively simple to maintain.  If we can be of help please give us a call.


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[1] Dominique S Michaud, Jacques Izard et al., Pancreatic cancer: Original article: Plasma antibodies to oral bacteria and risk of pancreatic cancer in a large European prospective cohort study., Gut gutjnl-2012-303006Published Online First: 18 September 2012 doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2012-303006


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