Dentist Sandy Springs: Steps In Dental Implant Treatment

dental implantsThe dental implant procedure is often performed in our dental office using a local anesthetic by a team of dentists, usually a prosthodontist (or a general dentist in some cases) and our implantologists. During surgery, each implant is placed within the bone to serve as an anchor for the attachment that will eventually support the replacement teeth.[1]

Generally, four to six months is allowed for the bone to grow into the implant(s) (osseo-integration) and hold them securely in place like your natural teeth are held in place.  Once the bone has adhered (integration) and firmly healed around the implant, a small attachment is placed on top of each implant. The attachment (abutment) protrudes through the gum-line and serves as an anchor for the restorative crown.

After your gums have healed, an impression of the attachments and your mouth is taken, then the permanent teeth or dentures are fabricated in a dental lab and will be placed on top of the attachments during your final visit.

Subsequent to your final restoration, there will usually be some follow-up visits to ensure the restoration is functioning well in conjunction with the support structure.

Hopefully this short explanation is helpful.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.


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Thank you for all your referrals.  We truly appreciate them.

Information included is not dental or medical advice.  For your specific information

 be sure to consult your dentist.

[1] This assumes the tooth is either missing or has been extracted.


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