Dentist Sandy Springs: Polypharmacy Dry Mouth Solutions

PolypharmacyAre medications making your mouth dry? If you are taking medications, and especially if you’re taking several, you may be suffering from dry mouth as a result.  More than 1,000 medications can cause dry mouth, including common drugs for conditions including blood pressure, allergies, heart disease and depression.

Dry mouth means there is less saliva in your mouth for the natural protection of your teeth.  The lack of saliva increases your chances of having tooth decay and cavities, and can also result in tooth sensitivity.  It’s important to replenish the mineral in your mouth that you would otherwise get from saliva.

Brushing your teeth properly (with toothpaste containing fluoride) after every meal and flossing once a day can help protect your teeth, gums and mouth tissue and help relieve the symptoms of dry mouth. Also, asking your dentist how to properly scrape your tongue and doing it once a day can help prevent dry mouth and protect your mouth from infections. It is important to understand the necessity of good oral hygiene when learning how to get rid of dry mouth.

Aside from the above dry mouth treatments, there are other ways to protect your mouth tissues and help prevent dry mouth.  One such method is the use of ‘MI Paste’.  It helps relieve dry mouth by restoring a “normal feeling” of saliva lubrication in the mouth.  It helps strengthen your teeth against tooth decay.  Finally, MI Paste restores minerals such as calcium and phosphate that help strengthen your teeth and it helps sooth sensitivity that often accompanies dry mouth and mineral loss.

Cut down on carbohydrate intake – pastas and breads tend to be more difficult to swallow and require more water to chew, swallow and digest.  Drink water while eating and chew your food thoroughly before swallowing.  Lower your intake of spicy foods or foods containing high levels of sugar. Bring a glass of water to bed, and sip it regularly throughout the night. Avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine intake. Lastly, because dry mouth can cause other complications such as tooth decay and gingivitis, visit your dentist regularly and make sure to let him or her know that you suffer from dry mouth.

If we can be of help or you have questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

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