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Oral ExamOne of the most common reasons people avoid the dentist is they think everything is OK. The logic is simple: no pain means no problems. Unfortunately, most dental conditions including cavities, gum disease and oral cancer give little or no warning, because they may remain painless for months or even many years.  By the time a person is in pain, the dental problem is usually so advanced that the treatment required may be much more involved and costly, and may necessitate more down time after completion.  In addition, those patients who choose not to have regular dental visits have statistically higher global health costs.

Every day, your dentist sees patients with untreated cavities that eventually cause infection to the nerves and blood supply within the tooth. A tooth that may have only needed a simple and inexpensive filling a few months ago may now require a root canal, surgical removal of the tooth and/or a crown, costing thousands instead of hundreds for dollars.

The same is true for patients with gum disease. Gum disease can progress quietly for many years before it becomes advanced and teeth become loose or cause pain. While early gum disease can usually be treated with a deep cleaning under the gum, advanced gum disease may require gum surgery and antibiotics.

Oral cancer is another issue your dentist looks for on every dental examination. Tragically, those who avoid dental care are often the victims of aggressive forms of oral cancer that are difficult to treat. Those who wait for an unusual growth in the mouth to become painful may be taking a gamble. Oral cancer has a 50%, five-year fatality rate.

The moral of the story is very simple: visit our office at least twice a year for dental cleanings and check-up examinations.  It’s fairly inexpensive and you will save time and money, as well as significantly improve your oral health by treating all dental problems as soon as they occur. In fact, some research suggests that those in good dental health will actually live longer than people who do not take care of their teeth. It is also important for people without teeth to see their dentist at least once a year. The dentist will need to check the fit of removable dentures and also look for any signs of oral cancer.

We are a multi-specialty practice that has the expertise to diagnose and treat you under one roof.  If we can be of service, please give us a call or contact us for a consult.

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