Dentist Brookhaven: The Right Smile convenience

The right smile, like all good things in life, is a collaborative effort of your input and our expertise.   We’ve found that by truly catering to our patients, your visits become more of a pleasurable experience, rather than just a necessity.                                   Brookhaven Dentist near me

Our Chamblee dental office is open on Fridays.  We see emergency cases immediately and provide our patients with 24/7 access to your dentist via mobile numbers. In addition, your entire family is welcome in our office.   We have as many as four generations in the practice.  We offer comprehensive family care coupled with modern technology, bringing what we consider to be the best of contemporary dentistry to our patients.

You’re more than a patient to us; you’re an individual with unique concerns and needs.  And you’re the reason we are here.  My associate or I are dedicated to taking the time to learn about you and your needs, and then and only then develop a practical treatment plan to create the right smile. We’ll discuss options and explain procedures, which may involve multiple of techniques and disciplines

Your smile is the first thing people notice and our goal is to help you smile.  But we want to make sure it’s the right smile, one that’s natural and comfortable for you.  If you have questions, please ask. And if we can do anything to make you more comfortable, let us know. We are here to serve you and we have a history of making oral healthcare easy and convenient for your lifestyle.

Novy Scheinfeld, DDS, PC

ZoAnna Scheinfeld, MS, DMD

Hanna Orland, DMD

3781 Chamblee Dunwoody Road

Chamblee, GA 30341



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Sandy Springs Dentist: Success Rates for Dental Implants

Dental Implant dentists near meDental implants are among the most successful procedures in dentistry today.  Given the complexity of the procedure, there are a lot of variables that come into play.  Yet studies show a five-year success rate of 95 percent for lower jaw implants and 90 percent for upper jaw implants.[1]

One factor that impacts your success is your pre-existing health conditions.[2] Another is the location of the missing tooth.  Also, smokers statistically face a higher risk of implant failure. Other high risk candidates are patients with diabetes, hemophilia or immune deficiencies and in rare instances, patients with chronic bruxism.

So as long as one engages in good oral hygiene, i.e. brushing, flossing, and regular hygiene procedures, the chances of inflammation or swelling of the tissues surrounding the implant should be avoidable.

Key factors in minimizing dental implant complications are the selection of an experienced prosthodontist and implantologist who specialize in implant dentistry, careful pre-operative treatment planning and proper after-care and oral hygiene.   One of the benefits of a multi-specialist practice like ours is everything is under one roof including periodontal after-care.  If you would like to know whether you are a candidate for implants please feel free to call for a free consultation.


Novy Scheinfeld, DDS, PC

ZoAnna Scheinfeld, MS, DMD

Hanna Orland, DMD

290 Carpenter Drive, 200A

Atlanta (Sandy Springs), GA 30328



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[1] The success rate for upper jaw implants is lower because the upper jaw is less dense than the lower jaw, making the success of implantation and osseo-integration slightly more difficult to achieve.

[2] Dental or Global health issues.