Dentist Sandy Springs: Gum Disease and Infertility

Sandy Springs dentist near meAccording to research, gum disease is linked to women undergoing infertility treatments.[1] Women utilizing infertility treatment for more than three menstrual cycles experience increased inflammation and bleeding of the gums. These women also have increased levels of gingival crevicular fluid, which contains tissue breakdown products that may be markers for the progression of gum disease.[2]

It is believed that these effects occur because these agents increase body levels of estrogen and the gums apparently are a target for estrogen.  Though not definitive, several studies have shown evidence that gum infections are associated with unsuccessful embryo development or the failure of in-vitro fertilization. The correlation is that poor oral health is as bad for fertility as obesity – delaying conception by about two months says latest research.[3]

The researchers believe the underlying cause is inflammation. And if this is unchecked, this can set off a chain of reactions capable of damaging the body’s normal workings.

Periodontal disease has already been linked with heart disease, type 2 diabetes and miscarriage, plus poor sperm quality in men.  And though speculative, as a precaution researchers suggest that the treatment of gum disorders might influence the outcome of infertility treatment.  According to Dr. Michael P. Rethman, president of the AAP, “[i]t is reasonable to assume that if low levels of plaque are established and maintained during the infertility treatment, gingival inflammation would not affect the success of infertility treatment,”  “[which] would require meticulous oral hygiene and routine professional cleanings, perhaps at the beginning of each menstrual cycle to ensure the presence of healthy gums.”

So if you are trying to get pregnant and are unsure of your oral health please contact us.

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[1] Journal of Periodontology, June 2004

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ananya Mandal, MD. Gum Disease Linked to Infertility. (2011)

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