Are they managed neglect or managed care?

Corporate Dentistry

Under these corporate practices, the insurance companies list the dental provider as the corporate entity, not a licensed dentist.  If you go in for an exam, you are suddenly told you need hundreds to thousands of dollars’ worth of work, much of which is barely covered by insurance. The dental work may not even be needed.  Check the complaints on Monarch Dental as an example.  You would think the Dental Board would have stopped the damage by now.

The insurance companies try to further enhance their profits by using these type offices to keep costs low in this economy. Insurance companies were quick to catch on to a plan that focused on efficiency and savings for their interests, so they were instrumental in creating and selling these dental programs to employers.

As a result, employers are dropping their PPO dental insurance for the cheaper HMO policies.  Dental insurance companies can then assign these PPO patients, who used to have freedom to choose their dentist, to these corporate offices.  Dental insurance is always beneficial to the insurance companies, like Las Vegas Casinos.  Unlike health insurance, it is non catastrophic, and it is rarely cost effective for you, the insured.

Your problem is:

  1. Dentists are seen as employees of the dental corporations.
  2. Dentists have to fulfill patient and productivity quotas.
  3. Dentists in these settings often lack significant experience.
  4. Dentists in these settings come and go.
  5. And there’s an overuse of 3rd party finance companies involved

We get it.   These organizations are trying to commoditize your oral healthcare, by  offering low fee special introductory offers, discounts and promotions, including things like free tests, cleanings and exams.  What we want you to know is ‘what happens after those offers run out and private practitioners go the way of medicine’?

We offer our patients a personal experience. We focus on the benefits to you, which include quality care, individual treatment and creative solutions, and the expert dental professional of your choice each visit, no “over-treatment” and no “forced credit cards”.

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