Chamblee Dentist: Sinusitis and Snore Guards

Chamblee or Sandy Springs dentist near meOur winters are fairly mild in Atlanta and that’s pretty good health wise because during the winter months and at other times when the air is very dry, it is important to keep our nasal passages moist. When I was young I used to think my mother’s practice of medicine were just old wives tales, but practically applied her easy way to moisten your nasal passages is to sniff salt solution into both sides of the nose 2-4 times a day. To prepare a solution of proper strength, add 1/4 teaspoon of table salt to a cup of warm water, and stir it until all the salt has dissolved. Sniff some from a spoon or other small container into each nostril.

Alternatively, you can buy ready-prepared nasal saline products, such as Ocean, Simply Saline or generic equivalents from drug stores. Such solutions can be used to wash away mucus from the membranous lining of the nasal passages. They also help by shrinking any parts of it that are swollen. This may save you a trip to the doctor.  If this is not done, mucus and the swollen membranes around these openings may block openings of the sinuses into the nasal passages. Sinusitis will then occur if nasal bacteria infect the mucus, which can no longer drain from the blocked sinus. Treatment of sinusitis (rather than its prevention) often requires the use of antibiotics.

Snore guardSome doctors are not enthusiastic about nasal saline irrigation since researchers found that it does not significantly reduce the incidence of colds. Personally, I am a little skeptical about a doctor’s hesitation to try a home remedy rather than popping a few pills. I don’t mean to confuse colds with sinusitis. Viruses cause colds, while sinusitis is a bacterial-induced complication for some colds. Irrigation of the nasal passages with saline cannot kill viruses or bacteria, but according to my favorite ENT patient, it can help to reduce the incidence of sinusitis in people with a tendency to develop this common complication of colds.

Sinusitis may be from other sources, like silent reflux or in conjunction with sleep apnea.  Ultimately, it may affect your breathing and warrant a dental snore guard or sleep apnea device.  If we can be of service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Part of the source for this article came from my mom and part came from the American Family Physician (70:1685 & 1697, “04) & Wall Street Journal (Dec.7″04, page D6).

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Alpharetta Dentist: Diagnosing Snoring Causes

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snoring and sleep apnea solutions

Although snoring is not harmful it can interrupt the sleep of you and your partner.  Then it becomes harmful as it relates to the rest the body needs every night.  The noise comes from the vibration of the soft tissue in the throat. A little self-diagnosis might be of help in determining the cause of your problem.  The following are some causes to look for:

  1. Allergies may interfere with your respiratory tract.  Obviously, you need to stay away from known allergens or you might need to take preventative medicines.
  2. Overweight is one of the contributing factors of snoring. Losing some weight may help reduce the fatty tissue in your airway and the pushing of your abdomen on your lungs.
  3. Avoid taking certain medicines such as antihistamines and sedatives before going to bed as they can encourage you to snore.
  4. Consider avoiding dairy products before bedtime. They can increase mucus build-up in your throat, which may lead to snoring.
  5. Smoking can cause snoring. It irritates the tissues in the throat and creates congestion in some tissues of the respiratory system. Among other reasons like oral and lung cancer, quit smoking if you want to stop snoring.
  6. Elevate your head when sleeping.  This can be accomplished by raising the headboard end of the bed, sleep on a firm mattress and utilize additional pillows to support your neck and prevent obstructions to your airway.

If you have run through these little helpful tips and you are still snoring, you might break down and ask our dentist for help.  If we can be of assistance please feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation.  We are conveniently located at Roswell Road and I-285.

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