Dentist Sandy Springs: Symptoms and Signs of Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer Screening near meApril is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, so learn more about it.  If you or a loved one have any of the following symptoms please take the time to see your dentist. These common signs and symptoms could indicate you have oral cancer, particularly if you have seen these symptoms persist for two weeks or longer:

1.  a sore in the mouth that bleeds easily or doesn’t heal

2.  a color change in any of the oral tissues, including gums, lips or tongue

3.  a lump, thickening or a small eroded area

4.  any pain, tenderness or numbness in the mouth, throat or lips

5.  possible trouble chewing, swallowing or moving your jaw or tongue

In the U.S. every year, over 30,000 people were diagnosed with oral cancer.  But remember, oral cancer doesn’t always present symptoms in the early stages.  That’s why it’s important to get screened annually.  When detected and treated early, oral cancer patients have a nearly 90% survival rate.

I have written about this twice this month, but I want to make sure I get the point across.   They say 3 times the charm.  Please make an appointment to see our dentist if you have any of the symptoms described above. It really could save your life.  We offer free screening to anyone during the month of April.  We think every little bit counts and would like to give back to the community where we can.  So if we can be of assistance please feel free to contact us and make an appointment.

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