Yodle 5 Star Review !!!

New 5 Star Review:

Top Dentist near me“Just another perfect day going to the dentist!” Did I actually say that?)

Chastity was very polite, professional, cheery and delightfully southern on the phone when I checked by phone to make sure I actually had the appointment today at 3:00 and, in fact, had not lost my mind temporarily.

Also, someone knew I was coming and left one of three shady spots in the entire parking lot vacant for my arrival which I especially appreciated when I came out from my cleaning and check up and the sun was making all other cars 225 degrees…not mine!

Lee was quite cheery at the “Welcome Center” booth upon my arrival and evidently let the appropriate person know of my arrival as Will did in fact come out to greet me and personally escort me back to his torture chamber.

I did, however, need to use the rest facilities prior to Wills retrieval of me and found the toilet water running like a restful Chinese water garden cascade and subsequently did not flush either. Oh, I also tried, but was unsuccessful in locking the door behind me but it would not work and while I then tried to be as quick as possible to avoid a needy visitor and likely exposure, a random red-headed team member with those purple scrubs and right smile, who will be unnamed, opened the door with a flourish half way through my procedure. I yelled something! (Note: Upon leaving after my check up, I checked and the toilet was working smoothly, no water running, beautifully flushing and the door locked easily…Hey, was I pranked?)

Upon reclining in “The Chair” and then by that steady firm handed Will, I was expertly and meticulously picked, prodded, poked, gouged, scraped, sand blasted, then water boarded and vacuumed. What a treat…and my insurance will even pay for most of it!! What a concept! I love America!!!

Then, to top it off, the most accomplished dentist in the Atlanta Metro area ¬†suddenly appears out of nowhere to perform his one millionth check up. I told her she was not allowed to find anything wrong, but did not listen, and that’s where those “teeny-tiny” things I mentioned earlier came into play. Oh well, I guess it could have been worse with an emergency root canal and crown in my near future. Been there, done that. See you next week for a little teeny-tiny drilling!

Oh, besides the free dental hygiene “goodie” bag from Will, I also scored a small supply of “complementary” Super floss from my friend, Hope, on the way out too! Wahoo!! We go way back several crowns and a bridge together…

Thanks, Everybody, at Right Smile!!

And she was efficiently, with the right smile, able to successfully schedule an additional appointment for me to have 2 teeny tiny cavities. She mentioned tea leaves too which took me back mentally 60 years to the tiny little tea leaves in the Tetley Tea commercials.”

Brett T.


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